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    Electronic Plan Review

    Streamline plan reviews

End-to-end Plan Review Software

For many municipalities, paper-based plan review workflows cause delays, errors and inefficiencies. Eliminate paper plans, reduce delivery time and fuel consumption, and increase visibility into the plan review workflow with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to manage all your plan review and markup activities.

The Electronic Plan Review solution is more than a simple markup tool. It enables people, plans, communication, schedules, and markups to interact in a consistent, clearly defined workflow. Using a web-based portal and proven Bentley software, the solution facilitates the communication, workflow, information, and document control you need to have full visibility into your ongoing plan review activities. 

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  • Gain plan review visibility

    • Utilize robust workflow engines for continuous visibility to ongoing and past review processes through reports and dashboards. Access schedules, assignments, performance, and resource metrics to make staffing decisions, eliminate bottlenecks, and ensure constituents get the service they need.
  • Manage electronic plan versions

    • View documents including plans, reports, and supporting materials. Overlay or compare two versions of a plan or two different documents. Maintain full version control of all plan review documents and all file history through audit tracking of documents and people.
  • Manage electronic plan workflows

    • Use a graphical workflow design tool to manage your electronic plan review process to efficiently route, track, and approve documents, plans, and tasks. Automate workflows for submitting documentation during the permit plan review.
  • Markup electronic plans

    • Easily review and markup plans with user friendly markup tools including redlines, annotations, and notes electronically entered in the office or in the field. Create a single file with all markups, redlines, and annotations.
  • Monitor plan activities

    • Easily upload plans, submit for review, revise and return comments, and download approved plans through a public facing portal. Utilize an easy-to-use interface to ensure timely communication and visibility into status of plans.
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