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    ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards

    Increase project transparency and zero in on potential bottlenecks

Project Performance Dashboards Cloud Service

Project-intensive companies require real-time project intelligence to make important strategic decisions about their projects. The best way to achieve this is by enabling complete project transparency through interactive dashboards with key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis.
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  • Gain project and contractor performance insights

    • ​See exactly how individuals and contractors are contributing on a project. Key performance indicators show the state of your deliverables and reveal bottlenecks. You will see exactly what action is required, and by whom. Then, measure project completion based on current progress and trends.
  • Monitor project status

    • Track and monitor the status of your deliverables in a comprehensive project dashboard. View items with color-coded status or in priority order. Eliminate surprises with proof of communication. You will know exactly what requires attention and have confidence that information is secure and accurate.

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