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    BIM Advancement Academy

    Advancing BIM Processes Best Practices

BIM Strategy Best Practices, On-boarding, and Data Processes

The benefits of adopting a BIM process are becoming impossible to ignore, and they are benefits you can experience for projects of all types and sizes. Organizations who embrace a BIM methodology will have the edge against their competitors.

Achieving change can be easier said than done. That’s why we have set up the BIM Advancement Academy program. The Academy works with organizations at all  levels of the industry to educate their staff and the entire supply chain about  BIM workflows and give them the skills and knowledge they need to deliver world-class projects.

What we teach at the Academy can be specific to your project. The industry  standards and processes that form the basis of the curriculum (i.e, BS 1192  and PAS 1192) were sponsored by the UK BIM Task Group. By creating a replica environment of your systems and processes, we can show you the best way  to work, and how to get the people in your organization ready to execute their projects. This means everyone involved in the project will be better informed and will understand the importance of BIM processes for the project.
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Ready to experience the difference BIM makes to your next project? Our Bentley BIM Advancement Academy helps you get your organization BIM-ready.
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BIM Assessment
Benchmark your organization against best practices and against your peers by assessing your BIM maturity level.
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