• Reality Modeling Academy

    Reality Modeling Academy

    Increase awareness and adoption of reality modeling

Reality Modeling Academy

Continuous survey capabilities provided by UAVs and other reality modeling techniques are more accessible than ever before. Companies and organizations are investing in reality modeling technologies to extend the scope of as-operated 3D reality meshes for their infrastructure projects.

The Reality Modeling Academy was created to foster knowledge and best practices for the infrastructure industry to capturing existing conditions in 3D to provide real-world context for the design, construction, operations, and inspection workflows.   

Reality Modeling Academy will deliver content and knowledge about reality modeling solutions and technologies for maintaining survey and data on assets to provide stakeholders information for the decision-making process during all phases of an asset lifecycle. It will offer best practices for reality modeling data capture and outputs, ensure easy integration of reality modeling solutions in your workflows, share innovative uses of reality modeling in industry workflows, and provide an exhaustive reality modeling knowledge base.

The academy also lists reality modeling service and solution providers to help you advance more quickly in reality modeling adoption. Our partners are approved specialists for reality modeling data collection and solution providers for reality modeling data consumption.

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